There are two sides to being an artist. You provide something for your audience, and you provide something for yourself. Personally, I pursue experiences in the context of doing street art. There are smaller and bigger bucket-list points that I try to make a reality. Some of those are already done, like being invited to paint on festivals abroad, or being featured in magazines, books, newspapers. I stood on the stage of a TEDx event and talked about painting, which was also a huge thing.

At this next milestone, you can be a part of the experience!

I'm very excited to introduce my first ever art print series!

I've been preparing this for months, researched a lot, visited multiple art print studios, and just like in my painting, I'm going for the absolute best quality available. As a highly limited edition collection piece, there will only ever be 19 in existence, and only 18 for sale, because just like you, I've also never owned a TakerOne art print, so naturally I have to. Arranging all this myself is a lot of work, and the bucket-list point will be checked, so don't expect another print series in the near future.

As you can see, the mural of choice that made the print is the Sir Edmund Hillary portrait that I painted in Paeroa, New Zealand in 2017. Sir Ed was born in 1919, thus the limited edition number of 19. This is also an early celebration of next year's centenary of the birth of a hugely inspiring person.

I decided to give 50% of the profits of this sale to charity, so I contacted Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund Hillary, and asked him to appoint one for the case.
He chose the Himalayan Trust, which was founded by his father in 1960. They are an international non-profit humanitarian organisation working in the Everest region of Nepal. They work with local partners to bring quality education, safe water, and better healthcare to communities living in this remote, mountainous region of Nepal.

If all prints find a home, we can provide safe water for a whole village in Nepal, which is crazy cool if you ask me.

Just click here or on the title under the picture to order! :-)